From Uganda: Happy International Women’s Day!

In Uganda, women constitute 51% of the population, while recent reports indicate a fertility rate of approximately 5.5 children per woman.

Globally, women encounter diverse challenges, ranging from under-representation in political spheres to income disparities, limited access to education, and healthcare. In Uganda, significant strides have been made to foster gender parity, particularly in governmental roles. For instance, as of 2021, women held at least 34% of parliamentary seats.

Despite these advancements, issues such as child marriage persist, with 7.3% of Ugandan girls married by age 15 and 34% married by 18. Moreover, in entrepreneurship, women constitute 40% of all business owners, positioning Uganda among seven countries globally to achieve gender equality in entrepreneurial endeavors.

Although commendable efforts have been made by the Ugandan government and development partners, further actions are necessary to fully realize gender equity.

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