Facilitating a resilient approach to livelihood for communities

Facilitating a resilient approach to livelihood for communities

Improving economic status, well-being and sustainable livelihoods of communities

Echo Hearts Foundation through our livelihood programme implements a range of innovative initiatives, including Women economic empowerment, Vocational training, Job skill development, Microfinance,  Enterpreneurship support, Financial literacy and Agri-business.
Our reliable livelihood approaches helps families fight poverty, Youths  upskilling and uplifting to connects the unemployed or underemployed and disadvantaged groups to become a part of the country’s growth story.

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Women Economic empowerment plays a crucial role in promoting inclusive growth and reducing income inequality. When individuals and communities have access to economic empowerment opportunities, it enables them to improve their living standards, enhance their skills, and break the cycle of poverty and dependency.

The 2020 Mastercard Global Index of Women Entrepreneurs estimated that women own nearly 40% of all businesses. However, women entrepreneurs earn 30% lower profits than men, and women business owners in Uganda face gender-specific barriers, including lower access to capital and segregation into lower-value sectors. We come in handy to create a gender-equal world for marginalized Ugandans. 

Voocational training programs can be tailored to the needs of the community, providing practical training and mentorship opportunities. These programs not only equip individuals with the necessary business skills but also instill the entrepreneurial mindset needed to overcome challenges and seize opportunities. Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) Policy 2019, and since then, the government has embraced TVET to fight unemployment. We join this effort by conducting research to identify skill gaps in communities and supporting young people to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to solve such problems.

One of the key components in breaking the cycle of poverty is education and skills development. By providing individuals in poverty-stricken communities with access to quality education, they can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue entrepreneurship. Education enables individuals to develop critical thinking, problem-solving, and financial management skills that are essential for starting and running a successful business.

Empowering communities through entrepreneurship goes beyond providing financial support; it also involves fostering a culture of innovation and creativity. By encouraging entrepreneurial activities and supporting innovative ideas, communities can drive economic independence and create a sustainable future for themselves.

According to a 2022 World Bank report, financial literacy in Uganda is considered "average," and there is a need to empower communities to become financially literate. This is a critical step towards improving lives and embracing financial inclusion. Echo Hearts Foundation is one of the few entities that value financial literacy, and that is why we plan on implementing a range of financial literacy activities with marginalised groups of people.

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